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Staircase restoration London
Station stair restoration London

Staircase refurbishment and nosing installation

The team at Stoneguard have completed numerous staircase refurbishment and nosing installation projects across the London Underground network. Our core staircase refurbishment and nosing installation services include:

– Removal of existing nosings

– Installation of heavy-duty London Transport / platform / specialist AATi nosings and tactiles for the visually impaired

– Installation of new ceramic/ terrazzo stair treads

– ‘Equalization’ of treads and risers for even steps of equal proportions

– Re-forming of risers and margins

Projects normally involve the removal of existing nosings and the installation of new specialist LU AATi nosings. For cost-effectiveness and minimal disruption, this is often conducted in tandem with ‘equalization’ work on staircases.

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