Brickwork restoration, repairs and replacement

The restoration of any aged façade will usually incorporate the replacement or repair of areas of brickwork. The bricks involved were invariably produced prior to modern metric sizing, and in cases, prior to standard imperial sizes. The replacement on these bricks, often handmade can present a problem.

Over many years of specialised brickwork projects, Stoneguard has developed close relationships with small brick manufacturers, capable of working with our own designers in replicating bricks. These can be produced to any colour, size and finish and can even be distressed to produce a realistic ‘weathered’ appearance.

Often the quality of bricks requiring replacement would not substantiate specialist manufacture. For this, restoration mortars have been developed for our in-situ repair teams. Once the repairs have been carried out, our experienced operatives can also distress the bricks themselves to match the repair to the original finish and appearance.