Stone cleaning for London and the surrounding areas

Stoneguard have cleaned some of London’s most historic stone buildings such as The Houses or Parliament and Tower Bridge.

Stone cleaning and brick cleaning have benefits beyond pure aesthetics. Heavy carbon deposits accumulated over continuous exposure to air pollution not only conceals underlying structural problems but the carbon acts as a catalyst to erosion. Serious problems often only become visible after cleaning.

Modern stone-cleaning techniques
Traditionally, cleaning has been considered damaging to the fabric of buildings. With modern stone-cleaning techniques such as JOS, TORC, DOFF and our own SSAS (Stoneguard Soft Abrasive System). We pioneered SSAS to sympathetic clean while combating decay caused by rainwater and air pollution so evident on limestone buildings such as Bath & Portland stone.

Paint removal
Modern cleaning techniques mean paint removal can now be achieved without damaging the fabric of the building. Even traditionally difficult to handle brick and sandstone buildings can be handled through specialist degreasing agents. With many years’ hands-on experience you know your building is in safe hands with Stoneguard.

From deep to light?
Stoneguard’s stone cleaning services can handle any size project – from full façade to light cleaning. And, with our trained team and creative technology, your stone or brickwork will be restored to its original condition without damage.