Light Gauge Steel Framing Stoneguard
Protec System

Shorter lead times, greater cost-effectiveness and more environmentally friendly, Stoneguard’s Protec steel framing systems, including our light gauge steel framing, infill framing and steel frame houses represent world-leading technology that is transforming the way buildings are constructed. All design and production is carried out in-house with strict quality controls using original methods for faster lead times without sacrificing quality and compliance with current/projected building regulations.

Cost-Effective, Flexible, Low Carbon Footprint


Accurate to better than 1 mm, precise fit first time saves hours of on-site work. Material costs compare favourably to traditional methods while maintenance costs are much lower.

New builds, in-fills, extensions or additional stories without significant increase in structural load, ideal for housing developments to economically construct houses tailored to buyer options.

Light gauge steel-framed houses can help significantly reduce carbon emissions. The Stoneguard Carbon C60 Research House will meet UK government emission targets set for the year 2050.

Protec was developed by Stoneguard to meet increasing demands for off-site fabrication using more environmentally friendly-methods. Stoneguard’s investment in this state-of-the-art technology is the natural complement to our existing cladding and finishing skills/experience.

Design, manufacture and assembly

Using state-of-the-art computer-controlled design and construction technology, Protec light steel frames are at the forefront of off-site manufacture. Lightweight galvanised steel components are precision-engineered to exact tolerances with an accuracy of better than 1mm. Shaping and cutting is performed by a fully-automated, highly portable computer-controlled roll former.

On-site assembly of Protec systems is simple, highly efficient and safe. There are no wet processes, cutting or welding, and only minimal waste. Numbered components mean previously untrained personnel get up to speed quickly.

Preliminary costs are slashed. As each storey is completed the flat-pack materials can be quickly passed up to the next storey. On larger projects it is often prudent to set up a small on-site production facility to reduce transport costs (both in terms of money and carbon emissions).

Design, Manufacture and Assembly

All Protec light steel framing systems and structures are underwritten by independent structural engineers and comply with all building regulations. Installation is carried out by our fully-trained team or approved and trusted contractors.