Repair and restoration specialists for London Underground brickwork, stone, tiles and faience

Stoneguard stonemasons and specialists have the experience, skills and craftsmanship to cover the full range of works – from specialised cleaning / repair / installation of faience, tiles, concrete and brickwork surfaces to installation of tactile stair and platform nosings.

Effective restoration and repair work on London Underground facilities takes both modern construction methods and an understanding of traditional materials / methods. At Stoneguard we take our expertise in restoring historic building underground to deliver exceptional results:

  • Compliance with 21st century safety regulations
  • Meeting English Heritage requirements
  • Minimising disruption to services/ passengers
  • Providing cost-effective, high-quality and lasting works

Many London Underground stations have significant historic and architectural value. We ensure that value is protected by replicating original finishes. We do this by working closely with contractors / English Heritage and through the strong relationships we’ve built with specialist manufacturers.

We ensure service disruption and passenger inconvenience is minimised by working during the night and using technologies such as the latest bonded screeds for floor tile replacements.

Brick and Stone Restoration
Stoneguard’s heritage and growth is built on a solid foundation of restoration work. Our experienced team of specialists have delivered excellent results on many successful projects including on prestigious London landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Our brickwork and stone restoration services include:

  • Specialist cleaning, anti-graffiti coatings, water damage repair and waterproofing
  • Wholesale / localized rake-out and re-pointing of heritage mortar
  • Wholesale / localized replacement of defective bricks
  • Brickwork render and restoration
  • Specialised concrete and stone repairs/ restoration

Having built close relationships with specialist brick suppliers, Stoneguard can match any brick found on the London Underground – from modern metric to hand-made imperial.

Faience and Tiling
At Stoneguard we are specialists in delivering high-quality replacement, renovation and specialist cleaning services for both external and internal faience / tiling. Our experienced team have completed many floor / wall tiling, faience and station floor refurbishment projects on the London Underground.

  • Wholesale and localized repair / replacement and specialist cleaning
  • Removal of existing tiling and installation of bonded screed / render to receive new tiles
  • Installation of ceramic, mosaic, quarry, resin and terrazzo tiles
  • Specialist over-tiling works and repair/ replacement of specialist signage, relief and logo tiles
  • Installation of skirtings, tactile’s and matwells
  • Matching/ producing of samples of heritage tiling

From specialist cleaning chemicals to matching and sourcing exact replica tiles… as specialists we achieve superior results, especially when it comes to restoring or replicating heritage tiles / faience. Whether it’s a small area or an entire booking hall, cross passage or platform, Stoneguard can take care of it.