Terracotta and Faience

Terracotta and Faience Restoration

The early 20th Century saw the introduction of terracotta and faience in the construction of building façades, often on elaborately designed buildings such as the Royal Albert Hall.

Lack of maintenance and building care over the past 50 years has seen the demise of many of these interesting façades, invariably due to the lack of repointing, allowing rainwater penetration of the hollow filled blocks. Occasionally, a breakdown of the material’s final glaze has led to crazing and spalling of the surface.

The high expertise level required in the manufacture of the replacement blocks has now left the industry with only two main suppliers in the United Kingdom, Terracotta and Shaws of Darwen. Stoneguard has developed close working relationships with Terracotta and Faience manufactures over the past 40 years work in this specialist field, and more recently, with alternative quality suppliers from as far afield as the USA.