Worksafe Policy

Stoneguard Projects Ltd operates a Work safe Policy to protect our employees and ensure others not in our employment are not placed at risk. Every person has the absolute right to decline to carry out work if they feel it is not safe to do so. Where a method or location of working (including operation of equipment) constitutes a danger to the employee or another person the employee may refuse to work.

Any situation arising which leads to an individual refusing to work for Health and Safety reasons must be reported to Stoneguard Projects Ltd project manager as soon as possible. Affected employees should continue to work until the working environment is made safe. If the reporting individual is not satisfied with the response then it will be escalated to the managing director, whose decision is final Stoneguard Projects Limited will not discipline, discharge, suspend, lay off or demote an employee or impose any financial or other penalty on an employee who invokes the Worksafe Procedure.

Mr N Constantine
Managing Director – Stoneguard Projects Ltd
May 2017