Cladding Remediation & Recladding

Recladding and Remedial Works - Restoring Excellence


Comprehensive Facade Solutions

Drawing on our extensive experience within the industry, the Stoneguard team provides a full design, supply and installation service. This is specially tailored to projects dealing with damaged or poorly installed facades or those that require recladding due to the historic use of unsafe materials. Before we embark on any technical work, our specialist team surveys the facade to identify and ensure that we address any underlying issues.

Specialised Recladding Expertise

Our dedicated recladding team provides a one-stop-shop solution for clients seeking proven and trusted experts in the field. Recognising the critical importance of recladding, we take pride in our professionalism, expertise, and reputation for delivering projects on time and to the highest standard.

Rigour as Standard

We are rigorous in our approach, working closely with suppliers and specialist partners. Guided by Quality Assurance at every stage, we not only achieve but exceed standards - ensuring the utmost precision and excellence in every project.

The Stoneguard Approach to External Wall Remediation Projects

Thorough Examination: To ensure we deliver the best solution, we start by conducting an in-depth analysis of all building elements and materials used. Our approach involves intrusive surveys of the façade and substructure, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the project requirements.

Precise Specifications: The next step is to determine the correct specifications for recladding materials. At this point we prioritise adherence to fire regulatory requirements, delivery of functionality and alignment with aesthetic goals.

Project Sequencing: Collaborating with our construction managers and client/tenant liaison manager, we meticulously plan the sequencing of the reinstallation works. This ensures minimal disruption to residents and surrounding areas.

Quality Assurance: Quality control and testing processes are embedded throughout the project phases. To ensure strict compliance with industry standards and specifications, we conduct rigorous inspection and testing throughout the removal process and reinstallation and integration of new cladding.